by Blistering Tongues

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released February 14, 2013

Blisurting Toungers were:
Glenn Bathgate - Vocals, Guitar
Nabby McNabb - Guitar, Vocals
Vanya Vitali - Bass, Vocals
Stu Young - Drums

Gang Vocals: Bill Young, Kitt Hegarty, Dog Bokser

Recorded by Rob Faulkner @ King Edward and Dowling St Studios
Additional Recording by Vanya @ Scumbag Collage Wellington
& The Barn, Pokororo

Mixed, Mastered & Produced by Vanya @ Scumbag Collage

Cover photo courtesy of Dunedin Hospital. Rear photo by Kitt Hankey
Additional pictures and layout by Vanya @ Scumbag Collage

Thanks to Jimmy
and Ham

Dedicated to Mike Hollender
Rolly is watching over you

all songs written by blistering tongues
copyright blistering tongues 2013



all rights reserved


Blistering Tongues New Zealand

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Track Name: One Night In Granity
Hey yeah yeah how are you? This could be the start of something new. What’s your name, what’s your game? Sometimes you need to be a little paranoid but it’s all good just like it should. Workin’ out the way that I knew it would. But you don’t go believing what you read on the bathroom walls. I like your dress and I like your eyes, and I love your smile when I’m between your thighs. I like your laugh and I like your hair, And I love it when you don’t let me come up for air. What is the point of fluffin’? Should just get straight to the point. Will it make it any easier to look me in the eye again? You may call me insensitive, you say that I don’t have a heart. Then you call me shallow and you tell me to get the fuck out.
Track Name: Rattray Street
Out the door and down the street black t-shirts on, ironed up with steak and fed up with scones. A flagon of beer,a shot or two, struttin’ to the beat. Only place to find it is down on Rattray Street. Rattray , only place you’ll find in town. Rattray, gotta look up before ya come down. It’s amazin’ all the people that you meet on down the street. Half the bloody weirdos and all the fuckin’ freaks. Joan the butcher, Fifi, and Speedy will be there, no one seems to notice and no one seems to care on Rattray St. What’s a boy to do on a night like this? Walking down the street and he’s lookin’ for a kiss from someone sweet way down on Rattray Street. Get out of the upstairs lounge, dental dams on when ya head down town. Scoop it, salt it, bag it for free, hangin’ on the front steps of Henry’s.
Track Name: Steak vs Tofu
When I was a little boy, luncheon was all we could afford but now that I am a grown man, I eat steak whenever I can. Walking into a butchery, saveloys for you and me. Kids love mince that’s what they say, so Shepard’s Pie every other day. Steak is good steak is great steak in the pan I can’t wait. If it was up to me I’d eat steak each day. If you wanna grow up big and strong, turn that f-f-frying pan on yeah grease it up all nice and hot, don’t muck around eat the bloody lot! Steak is good steak is great steak in the pan I can’t wait, if you wanna grow up big and strong turn that frying pan on.
Track Name: You're Not The One
I was lookin’ for a sweet on the night that we did meet, as you were comin’ into heat. You’re the one for me. You lead me behind a tree as I got down upon my knee, And ate you up 1 2 3, You’re the one for me x4. That’s the way it had to be and no one else would ever see, except those who listen to this song. Yeah yeah yeah hey hey hey, I’m really glad you came to play, but as it turned out to be… you’re not the one for me. Well I hoped you’d be the one but too much work and not enough fun, could happen to anyone. You’re not the one for me. You were a treat don’t get me wrong, Bernie Taupin, Elton John, I think I’ll save it all for Ron, You’re not the one for me.
Track Name: Crown Hotel
Down at the good old dirty old, gonna get myself a drink. Don’t wanna be seen under bright headlights, I just wanna get a drink. I’ll probably get myself a jug yeah, fill it up with dirty old Speights. A couple of glasses for my friends and a couple more for my mates. Down at the Crown Hotel yeah and we’re gonna have a real good time. With Jonesy behind the bar yeah, just don’t you step outta line, Don’t you step outta line! Wanna see myself a band or two, sometimes four or five, one thing that Jones can guarantee, the music will be live. Cos there ain’t no room for DJs, no rollin’ out the welcome mat here. I just wanna hear my music live and I just wanna drink a beer. Over in the other bar yeah, was a man named Surly Joe. Don’t you give him any cheek and that’s all you need to know. And across the road is the food bar, some call it the Chew and Spew. If you’re leavin’ the Crown at 3am well Henry’s got a scoop for you.
Track Name: Jesus Died On A Friday (Pt2)
A young girl in a tight skirt, she must be about 12, then those fuckin’ Christians say I’m going to hell. Do you think I give a shit in what they say? I would rather live in their hell anyway. I went to church as a child and I didn’t like it one bit. I’d sit and watch the fish, the fish, the fish. Louie was a boy who would think for himself, Now he is just too scared of going to hell. He must do exactly what the Bible says, Elim Church’s interpretation anyway. We got canonised as children. We got canonised up through the layers of malcontent. Give ‘em 10% of your money for free, give ‘em 90% of your soul. Jimmy was a man who had a family, then his girl said “well you must marry me”. Cos she had gone and joined up with the Elim Church, where family comes second and the Church comes first. I challenge you to take it. I challenge you to live a lie. I challenge you to be yourself, be yourself, be yourself! Gullible fools, just like lost sheep, Gullible fools, fallible fools, Just like lost sheep, just like lost sheep, just like lost fucking sheep.
Track Name: I Want
I want a girl who likes to dance around with nothin’ under her dress. I want a girl who has learnt to say ‘no’ but she would rather say ‘yes’. I have been searchin’ for the girl who I cannot have, I have been lookin’ for her all of my life. I have been searchin’ for the girl who I used to have, If I will find her I will make her my life. I want a girl who knows what she’s doin’,she doesn’t just lie there like a sack of spuds. I want a girl who looks after herself, but not in the kitchen if you know what I mean. I’ve been searchin’ I’ve been lookin’, I’ve been searchin’ for what I want.
Track Name: Dirty Old Man
When I was a young boy I used to play my cricket, now that I’m an old man, yeah I love cricket. When I was a young man I used to aim for glory, now that I’m an old man it’s the same old fucking story. When I was a young man I used to love my liquor, But now that I’m an old man I just wanna lick her. Dirty old man (he’s a dirty old man), I’m a dirty old man. When I was a young boy I used to play my rugby. but now that I’m an old man, yeah I’ll watch rugby. When I was a young man I used to do my burnouts. but now that I’m an old man I’m just a fuckin’ burnout. When I was a young man I used to love my liquor, But now that I’m an old man I just wanna lick her. When I was a young man I used to love my porno, but now that I’m an old man oooh yeah porno. When I was a young man I used to love my mushies, but now that I’m an old man I’m just a fucking mushie. When I was a young man I used to love my liquor, but now that I’m an old man I just wanna lick her.
Track Name: Rugby Wife
You come around with blood on your face, cos once again you’re learning your place. He tries to say that it was the last time, he’s changing your face as you’re changing your mind. Nothing is said, no one is told anymore, the tears, the slamming of doors. Nothing is said, no nothing is said, instead she lets the bastard get back into bed. How can you stand to be with that man, after all of the damage he’s done with his hands? Taken it all to your head like a sieve, sooner or later something’s gotta give. Nothin’ but tears, so overwrought, the pain, the shit you’ve had to endure. Beaten right down, treat like a dog, you’re standing your ground it’s gone on for so long. You say you love him but you know you don’t. He says he’ll change but you know he won’t. You lie to yourself and you lie to your friends, convincing yourself that the man that you love will come back and it will all be good in the end. This is the life of the rugby wife. He’s out with the boys watching the game, and he comes home drunk and it’s always the same. In a bad mood when his team lose, you’re backing away cos he’s coming for you. You fight to survive, no shoulder to cry. Jesus you turn you look to the sky. There’s no hope from above so you look below, you get there first he was too slow. Now you have the knife, he lunges at you, that was the last thing that he’d ever do. No one has seen, no one has heard, from that cunt anymore.
Track Name: All That You Want To Be
Why do ya wanna be someone that you’re not? What you got? Why do ya wanna be like someone on the TV? Well, not for me. Why do ya wanna go dress up like a magazine? Way too keen. Why do ya wanna be someone that you’re not? Show me what ya got girl. Girls girls all that ya wanna be, girls girls all that ya cannot be. Girls girls maybe it’s Maybelline, girls girls what do ya know. Why do ya wanna go cake it on so thick? Clickety click. Why do ya wanna go shakin’ it like stick? Insect. Why do ya wanna go fake up all of that tan? Man oh man. Why do ya wanna go dress mutton up like lamb? Is it love or is it lust? Infatuated by your bust. Is it love or is it lust? Goes a lot deeper than the latest tread. Why do ya wanna go wearin’ a dress like that? In fact I’d like to see you wearin’ a dress like that! Why do ya wanna go wearin’ a skirt so short? Abort. Why do ya wanna go teasin’ all of those… girls?
Track Name: Marijuana Punk
I was in school one day and I was in a haze, I looked down at my feet and there I saw a bag of weed. It was staring straight at me and it was sayin’ “smoke me please”. So I took that bag of weed and I took it home with me. I took it home and I dried it out, ended up being bent as a banana. Oh marijuana bent as a banana. I went home and dried it out and got rid of all the seeds, went down to the bike track and there I smoked all my weed. Thought I would be so cool, thought I would be the one, ended up back to school ‘no no no n-no no no no son. Go and pack your bags, never to return’, Ended up bein’ bent as a banana. Marijuana Punk, you think you are so cool. You grow it, you dry it out, you roll it up into a big fat doobie and we smoke it! Well now I’m straight and it’s so great, it’s so great being straight…
Track Name: Fuck The Nightclub
Fuck the nightclub some people say, I wouldn’t go there anyway. Why would you listen to a fucked up DJ when live music is played here every day? The authority tried to close us down but we wouldn’t have that shit around. We would play and we will pay, but no one’s ever ever gonna stand in our way! Why would you go and stand in their line, when they play you the same shit as last time? Dance to the music when you don’t know the words, man I’m hearin’ it but it’s fuckin’ absurd. Nobody ever tells me what to do, except my Mum and my father too. The cops they tried and so did the Trust, Say to them ‘go and get fucked’!
Track Name: Hot And Heavy
Well here I go again, making a fool of myself. I like to do it every now and then because I’m told it’s good for my health. When we first met, I didn’t say too much. I did not expect, to act like a schoolboy. When we first met, you didn’t say too much. But later on that night, I couldn’t shut you up. You were so hot, we were so heavy, could not get enough, but now I’m not getting any. When I go to sleep, I think of you, and when I wake up, I’m in the wet patch. When you go to sleep, you dream of someone else, you know he can’t compete cos he’s fucking weak! I’ll forever regret the night that we had our final fight. Breaking up is hard to do but what can you do? We could talk all through the night and maybe try to make things right, but in the morning it’d be the same, what a crying shame… I heard you got engaged, to some red-necked freak. Expecting a kid but is it his? Cos the last time we met, oh what a night. I will not forget, the tears in your eyes. Oh my my how things have changed, we could never be the same, all grown up and cracked and torn…Ahh shucks! We lived hard and we lived fast but some thing’s aren’t meant to last. But god damn you’ve got a great ass, what I wouldn’t do… To have you back!